My Life of Tech is exactly that. A website about the tech I use in my life, my experience with it, and the world of tech itself.

In addition to the what I use sections, I will also be sharing tech news, my thoughts on the news and other tidbits of information.

Here is a picture of my current, ever expanding and changing set up…

My desk isn't usually this tidy!
My desk isn’t usually this tidy!

In addition to my love of Technology, I play bass guitar in two bands here in Bournemouth UK. The first band is Escapefrom’98 a punk rock band (think Blink 182, Millencolin, Offspring) in which I also sing lead vocals.

I'm the chap in the middle
I’m the chap in the middle

The second is a festival type band called Disco’s Out (Murders In) in which I only play bass. It’s difficult to describe DoMi, as we have 3/4 trumpets,  a Saxophoninist, Drums, Guitar, a Keytar (keyboard/guitar) Trombone and me on Bass. Generally we are described as brass fueled rock and tend to play larger festivals rather than indoor gigs. You can check out both bands in the links.

That fella in the mask and the green strings on the right - Thats me!
That fella in the mask and the green strings on the right – Thats me!

You can download a free demo from each band at their respective Bandcamp pages here: EF’98  DoMi


Note: I also used to write two other blogs, ‘TechTurtleUK’ and ‘Everything Surface’.

TechTurtleUK was my stab at writing a news blog on the world of technology, but as it was only little ol’ me and also having to work a full time job, this just wasn’t something that I could realistically keep up.

Everything Surface was as you can probably guess, about the Microsoft Surface. Again due to full time job, gigs and other stuff that kept cropping up, I had to abandon this site also.

You will find posts from both of these sites here in their respective catagories if you want to take a look. This new blog, well its something I can write when I have the time rather than to beat other sites or be the exclusive. Perhaps one day I’ll have the time to really compete with the mainstream sites.


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