Windows Phone – Bing Music Search

Credit: Microsoft
Credit: Microsoft

For the Music loving, Windows Phone owners around the world, you may or may not know, that Bing (the default search engine for Windows Phone) has a Music recognition service, which is in fact surprisingly accurate.

To access this feature, simply unlock your phone, press the search button located at on the bottom right of the device, (usually a soft key in the styling of a question mark). This will bring up the default Bing search screen.

Bing Home Screen WP

You’ll note that there are four icons at the bottom of the screen, in this instance we will be focusing on the second from the left, the musical note. By tapping on this icon, you will be presented with a screen that is akin to that of the voice search screen, however the phone will be actively listening to what ever music is currently playing in the background.


Whilst music is playing, hold the phone up with the music search app running, and wait. After a while (depending on how quickly the song can be recognised, and this can vary from a couple of seconds, to about 15) Bing should present you with the results. I have tested this in the car, with background noise, and on my desk with nothing but music playing. Both times, Bing Search got the search right. It is also interesting to note, that you can play music from your phone, and then access the search and it will still identify the track playing. There is no reason why it shouldn’t do this, I just thought it was quiet nifty. When Bing finds the results, the following screen will be presented.


The search result gives you the name of the artist, and the song, with an option to then go to the Music/Xbox Music market place (depending on your phone version) and purchase the song for your account. You also have the option to of course close the app now that your query has been answered.

Should you select to go to the marketplace, the following screen will be presented. Note: I am using Windows Phone 7.8 as my contract has not yet run out, so my marketplace will likely be different to those of you running Windows Phone 8.


As stated previously, the search has not yet been wrong, and this perhaps is down to the licensing deals that Microsoft have struck with various record labels in order to operate their Xbox Music service.


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