VIDEO: PS4 Multi-Tasking Video

Credit: Sony
Credit: Sony

Sony have uploaded to their official YouTube channel a video showing their Playstation 4’s user interface and how it handles switching between tasks. The video emphasises the social aspects of the PS4 and how you can upload videos, switch between games and the market place, and choose what part of a game to download first, Multi-Player of single player. It’s unknown as to whether or not this will be a feature available to all games or if its down to the developer to provide the option.

The video also shows how the Ps4 will enable users to record and upload video, video’s that will be watchable, via a mobile phone, aswell as commenting, and access to the PlayStation Store, where you can make purchases and comment on videos, you can even ‘like’ them, its like your very own socal network.

Amongst other things highlights is the control interface and the hands free kit. In order to activate the windows switching feature, simply double tap the PS button on the centre of the pad, the rest is controlled via the pad, as is the commenting, which was noticibly sped up in the video. The hands free kit seems to resemble that of a hands free kit you would use on a mobile phone. It will be interesting to see what the audio quality is like.

Anyway, without further delay, here is the video…


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