Technology – Its a Love/Hate Thing

Technology – It’s a Love Hate thing


Let’s get it straight right from the start. I love technology, mobiles, consoles, watches and computers. I love that you can do SO much with it all. I love technology; technology however, does not love me.

Whenever I get a new gadget, toy, or something that has software my other half leaves the room. This is because it will invariably go wrong. This is admittedly due to my error in some cases, and others poorly written software or just a bad product in general.

Recently I downloaded some stock images from bit torrent (the free version and the images were from a free stock image website) and all seemed fine. Later that day I returned home from work to discover that the computer had turned itself off, then on again. No problem, I just figured it was an update that had installed. It would appear not.

When I logged in to the PC it couldn’t find the home network. In fact, it not only couldn’t find the network, but it also didn’t know the name of the router it was connected too, and gave me the option to actually leave the HomeGroup, even though it couldn’t see it. Bizarrely enough, the computer still new it was connected to the internet, and freely allowed me to browse.

So, first things first, find the blighter that caused this, I figured it had to be from the downloaded images. I fired up both Malware Bytes and Windows Defender and set them to task. This was going to take quite a few hours, so to bed I went in the hopes that the morning would reveal something new.

The Next Day

Upon rising from my slumber, I go to the computer and find that Windows Defender found nothing, Malware Bytes on the other hand found a P2P bug, wonderful, I instruct Malware Bytes to cast it into the ether. Now; to fix the damage.

My first port of call was to download the drivers for the modem my theory was that it had wiped some of them, causing the system to only recognise certain pieces or hardware. I access device manager and lo and behold, under modems and networks was my router, with a question mark.  I tried to update the drivers from the devices manager section, but to no avail. Instead I go to the manufacturer directly and get them from there, rather a pain, as my desktop is about 5 years old and one of the MANY iterations in their line.

Eventually I found the drivers and installed them, re-booted computer and…. nothing. It’s getting to the point where my I may have to re-install Windows. I like Technology but I always get a stomach twisting ache when I face re-installing Windows as I really don’t want to lose all my files (back up, I know, I know).

The Fix

As mentioned before, I’m not a fan of re-installing Windows as I don’t want to lose files, however I am running Windows 8 which happens to have a pretty nifty feature. Under the settings menu you have the option to ‘Refresh your PC without removing your files’ or ‘Remove everything and reinstall Windows’. Now the former option sounds exactly like what I wanted, so with stomach in knots, I click ‘Refresh’.

Windows 8 really has been made for the general consumer, after clicking refresh the screen darkens and you’re given a prompt advising you what will be wiped (any programs you have installed such as Firefox or Office and that wasn’t installed from the Microsoft Store Windows Store) and advises you that all your photos, music, documents will be kept, you then click either ‘OK’ or ‘Cancel’. I clicked ‘OK’, and waited.

The screen was dark for what felt like a long time, but was probably actually only 5-10 seconds, and then the screen came to life advising me that it was preparing my computer. Whilst waiting you’re shown the animation you get when you first install Windows 8, or boot up Windows 8 showing where the charms are, and multi touch instructions. After roughly 4-5 minutes, the lock screen came to life, and everything was fine. The network was detected, I could see all my media hubs, and devices and everything had been solved…or so I thought.

…..And Then

With everything fixed and running fine, I did another Virus and Malware scan just to be sure, then retired to bed for the evening. The next morning everything was still fine, so I went to work and came home to discover the computer was off again. I was not amused. I booted up and again the network had disappeared, the computer had decided to not start peer group networking or Home Grouping in the start up. I didn’t know this at the time, and following an hour of internet searching and rummaging through the Network settings I changed the status to each to that of Automatic and started them manually for that instance which did the trick. This was yesterday, and I haven’t turned the computer off yet as I had work to do and needed the network and the internet. I am now at work and wonder what state the computer will be in when I get home….

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