Microsoft Surface RT UK Delivery Delay’s – £50 Compensation.

I don’t know about anyone else, but when I came home my Surface RT tablet had not arrived. Looking at Twitter, other UK customers had also been left out in the cold. I have been updating a post on this site about my Surface RT pre-order journey from purchase to delivery, which you can read for further in-depth information.

I called the Microsoft Customer Service number and asked when I could expect delivery and was told that they didn’t know. Understandably not want I wanted to hear. This was at 14:48.

At 16:35 I received an email from Microsoft telling me that I could expect my Surface Device between 26th & 30th October 2012, and by way of apology gave me a voucher code for £50 for the Microsoft UK store. This is all well and good, but if I purchase anything under £50, the difference is lost, and I don’t need anything from the MS store, I already spent the money on the Surface tablet and accessories I wanted, nor can I use the voucher against the purchase of Windows 8, or in the Xbox live/Music Store.

What I don’t know is this; has anyone else got this £50 voucher code, or is it because I called up? It was addressed to Dear Customer, so I assume its a generic one.

Update:It seems that all UK pre-orders have received this email.

The email in question is below:


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