Microsoft Gives 1000 MS Points to Celebrate the Launch of the Xbox Music Service

Update 25/10/12: Having chatted to some colleagues, no one else I know got this email, or these points. The only common ground was that I paid for a Zune Music pass for month, whilst off work, and cancelled after I returned, this appears to be only common denominator. Perhaps Microsoft is attempting to entice me back?


Well, well, well.

I just received an email from Microsoft, telling me that to celebrate the launch of the Xbox Music Service they are giving me 1000 Microsoft points to spend on anything I like on Xbox 360, although obviously they would rather I spent it on the Music Pass.

For those that don’t know, Xbox Music Service is the new ‘service’ from Microsoft that sort of blends iTunes with Spotify and the existing Zune Music service (also Microsoft’s) and turns it in to one big über music service.

For £9.99 per month you will have access to around 30 millions songs, and thousands of music videos to stream as often as you like, you can also create playlists and listen to them offline.  A feature that Microsoft are really bigging up is the ability to use this service across several devices. Your Windows 8 PC via the Xbox Music app (when Windows 8 launches on 26th Oct) or the Xbox, or Windows Phone 8, or your Surface RT.

The service gives you the ability to pause whatever song your listening to on one device, and then resume it on another. So if you listening to a song on your phone on the way home from work, school, walking the dog etc.. and you pause it as you walk in the house, you can then resume that song on your Windows 8 PC, Xbox or Surface RT right from where you paused it. This is all done via the cloud, is very similar to Amazon’s ‘whisper sync’.

There are many other features that the Xbox Music Service provides such as creating a playlist, and having that playlist show on all the devices. I’ll be doing an in-depth review once my Surface RT turns up on Friday!

For reference, below is the email I received from Microsoft, and their promotional video for Xbox Music Service.


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