Microsoft Giving First 100 Surface RT Customers 10 Months of Xbox Music – FREE!

Microsoft have announced that they will be giving the first 100 people in line to purchase their Surface RT Tablet $99.90 in credit toward the new Xbox Music service. Thats the equivalent of 10 months free usage. When you buy a Surface RT you get 6 months free usage (although not downloads) anyway, so thats a whopping 16 months of free streaming!

This offer applies to all standard AND pop up stores.

This offer only extend to people in line at the Microsoft stores however, if you ordered one on line, alas you will have to make do with the 6 months free streaming and then 10 hours per month afterward, which lets face still isn’t to be sniffed at.

Obviously Microsoft want to make as big a fuss of the Surface RT launch as possible, they want the queuing mentality and fervor that Apple get, but will this be enough. If there was a store here in the UK, I would definitely go. Its not offer Microsoft get to do something like this, and the money they have put aside for advertising is crazy (Millions!) also the launch itself is said to be somewhat of a party held in New York.

So if you live in the states, and want a Surface, make sure you queue, get your free voucher and enjoy the product. Microsoft look as though they may sell out if pre-order sales are anything to go by.

A tip of the hat to The Verge for picking up this little gem!


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