Microsoft Surface TV Ad’s & Promotional Video’s

As befitting most companies bringing out a new product, Microsoft have created a series of promotional videos, but there’s something different about these. Gone are the family that live in the house with the car park sized living room, gone is the pretty tinkly music that I always perceived as quite condescending, these ad’s are far more…hip?

It’s not clear as to who is designing the Surface ad’s for Microsoft, although the Redmond based company have stated that it is not the same firm handling the Windows 8 ad’s, ‘Crispin Porter + Bogusky’, who have the somewhat daunting task of re-branding Microsoft as a cool and hip company.

Whoever have created the Surface ad’s have done a great job of a) not showing you any of Windows RT, the OS that will run on the initially released tablet, and b) of creating an enjoyable ad that does indeed convey a certain level of ‘cool’ to this new and currently unreleased product.

With the mantra of ‘Click in’ as the slogan for the ad’s, referring to clicking the keyboard to the tablet, credit is certainly given as these are slick, and stylish ad’s.

Why not ‘Click in’ below and watch the videos and let me know what your thoughts are in the comments section.

Surface by Microsoft

The Surface Movement

Learn more about Surface

Surface RT Drop Test – Dropped from 30″ onto a hardwood floor in the Surface reliability lab.

The Making of Surface


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