My Surface Journey; From Pre-order To Delivery

24/10/12 Update: At about 22:30 this evening I received an email from Microsoft with a redemption code for 1000MS points to celebrate the launch of the Xbox Music Service. OK, this doesn’t have any bearing on my Surface delivery, but its a nice addition during the run up to Microsoft’s largest launch for a long time. They (M.Soft) are clearly pulling out all the stops to get people into their eco-system.


21/10/12 Update: This morning I woke to an email stating that the previous email was the result of an internal processing issue and that my original expected shipping date had not changed. You can view the full article here for further information.


20/10/12 Update: I received an email this morning from Microsoft stating

“The product listed below will now be available on 02 November 2012.”

So looks like I need to cancel my half day at work. I would have thought that Microsoft would have had enough Surface products to ship on time if they we’re going to release it as a pre-order. You can view the article in its entirety here


Main Article

Originally Microsoft had stated that Microsoft Surface would be released on 26th October 2012. Nothing was mentioned about a pre-order period, and yet on 16th October 2012 Surface appeared in the Microsoft store for pre-order. Just like that. No fanfare, nothing. It’s entirely possible that following Apple’s announcement of their press event on the 23rd October, Microsoft decided that they would get a head start on pre-orders. Apple after all nearly always have their products ready to be pre-ordered at time of announcement and if an iPad mini is announced, It will likely kill Microsoft’s Surface on initial sales figures before its even released.

So Surface was made available for pre-order on 16th October. Because I don’t trust myself to much with money, I had been giving my savings to my other half, so that she could ensure that I had money when Surface was initially released on 26th. I had even arranged for the money to be transferred to my account on the 25th as she is away for work.

As it happens, she was away when the pre-orders went live, so after my careful planning, I still had no access to the funds. Luckily she called me from her hands free set in en route from work to her hotel and monies were transferred.

So, first part of the dilemma solved.

Now I had, what others have stated to be a breeze, the simple process of pre-ordering via the Microsoft Store. I selected the 32GB model with Black touch cover included (I really wanted blue, but it was somewhat pricey) and proceeded to the checkout. Upon entering my card details and confirming payment I was told that there was an error and to press back or re-fresh the page.

So I did that. I did it for an hour. It turns out that my bank was trying to call me to verify the payment, and my phone was on silent. So eventually later in the evening I tried again, noticed my phone ringing and verified the payment.

Success! Confirmation that payment had been taken was given, an email was received also and all was good! Delivery was said to be the 26th October, although I suspected that might be a day or so later as I live in the UK, not the USA.

So, half day off work booked so that I’m in and don’t have to rush to the post office to pick it up.

Really if it hadn’t been for the early, unannounced pre-order release and my phone being on silent, it was a very painless, easy pre-order experience.

Well done Microsoft.


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