Microsoft Surface – Delayed

It would appear that Microsoft’s new Surface tablet has already sold better than they could have hoped, despite a lack of public reviews and hands on time by technology journalists.

I received an email this morning stating that “The release date for the preorder product has changed. The product listed below will now be available on 02 November 2012”

This email seems to only apply to UK residents and refers to the base model priced at £399.0 and £479.00 ( incl Touch Cover), which at time of preorder, stated that delivery could be expected on 26th October 2012, the official release date for Surface and Windows 8.

In the US, stocks of Surface (or at least preorder stocks) have completely sold out, and Microsoft are saying that there will be a 3 week wait to get more. Microsoft have also stated that you can preorder a Surface at one of their pop up stores dotted around the US., using reservation cards which will enable you to pick up a Surface on its official release date, these are however limited.


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