Samsung Announce Windows 8 Phone – ATIV S – IFA 2012


After the Focus, and Omina 7, Samsung didn’t really release any other similarly impressive Windows Phone devices and instead concentrated on their Galaxy range. Now however, it would appear that things have changed.

Perhaps because of the pressure from various lawsuits, most notably with apple, Samsung are looking more seriously at other mobile platforms do develop for in addition to Android, and that means either RIM, or Windows.

Having already debunked the rumours that Samsung were looking to make a RIM/Blackberry device, that leaves only Windows 8, and here we have the first offering, the Samsung Ativ S.

Featuring a 4.8 screen, complete with Gorilla Glass 2, a 1.5ghz dual core processor with Qualcomm CPU and an 8mp camera, (which if the current range of cameras on the Galaxy series is anything to go by, will be of a very high quality) Samsung clearly mean to cut a swath through the Windows 8 Phone market and make their stamp a long lasting one.

The Ativ S phone will have a microSD slot expanding the memory of the 16GB or 32GB already built in, 1GB of RAM, and a Super HD AMOLED display. If you haven’t seen a phone rocking an AMOLED display then your really missing something, its so crisp, its just beautiful.

If all of that isn’t enough to get you slathering after a Windows 8 device, how about this; the body is made of a brushed aluminium that just screams quality, and also has a large-sized battery coming in at 2300mAh which should cater for your you mobile, social networking, media consuming needs.

I made the jump from the Omina 7 to the Lumia 900 and have regretted it since, this is a phone I’m dying to try out, and hopefully take home.

Source: Engadget


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