Sainsbury to Launch Video Streaming Service – Late 2012

Credit: Sainsburys

Sainsbury’s have announced plans to launch an online streaming service later this year.

Accessible via the Sainburys website and the entertainment section, Sainsburys are looking to provide on-demand streaming of both films and TV Series’ from the day of release, on both DVD and Blu-Ray.

Partnering with Sainsburys in this venture is the Rovio Corporation, which will provide the support, licensing and framework for the service.

With the website already including an e-book and music store, video streaming was the next logical step, and Luke Jensen, Sainsbury’s Group Development Director stated similarly:

“On demand streaming video is an exciting addition to our existing online offerings, and supports our customers as they progress from consuming content on physical disc to accessing their favourite entertainment on a range of devices, where and when they choose.” – Luke Jensen, Group Development Director for Sainsbury’s.


Initially, streaming will only be available via the browser, but Sainsburys also plan to extend the service to that of set-top boxes, consoles, smartphones and eventually smart TV’s.


Source: Techradar


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