Verizon Blocks Employee Holiday Due to Upcoming iPhone 5 Launch



Verizon, (a mobile phone carrier for those that don’t know, elsewhere in the world) have marked the last week of September, the 21st to the 30th, as days that you will not be permitted to take as holiday.

With the upcoming announcement and subsequent launch of the iPhone 5, Verizon will need all the staff that they can get as historically Apple iPhone launches have been somewhat….busy.

Previously iPhone launches have seen the announcement mid-week, in this case a Wednesday, and a formal product launch the following Friday for the weekend. It is said however that Apple are to be receiving pre-orders after the announcement, but this has yet to be confirmed by Apple.

So if you happen to be a Verizon employee that had holiday booked, I apologize on behalf of all the people who are going to make your life difficult by taking a day off as holiday to buy an iPhone 5, so that you can’t take yours.


Source: AllThingsD


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