Samsung Galaxy S3 Get’s Jelly Bean Update NOW! (UK) *UPDATED*

Credit: Samsung

We are currently sitting at the same table as someone that has just  received a message on their Galaxy S3 telling them they are due an update. They bought the phone recently, so in theory there should be no other updates other than Jelly Bean.

The person in question is an Orange customer, but as to whether or not this is for all carriers or just Orange is unknown.
If you’reon a different carrier and have been told to update, do let us know!



So after this person got their notification for an update, they snoozed it as they were at work, the notification never came back. They have tried checking the phone settings and searching for the update, went on Samsung’s website, nothing. Looks as though Samsung, or Google jumped the gun slightly, or just a bug in that particular S3. Looks like we’ll have to continue waiting until 30th August.


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