Motorola to Hold Press Event 5th September – So are Nokia in Both NY & Finland



As months for press events go September is looking to be a VERY busy one!

Motorola have sent a bunch of invites (although not to us, we’re hurt Motorola) to save the date on 5th September, for what Moto are calling the days Main Event in a nice little jab at Nokia who are also holding event(s) that day.

Nokia World in Finland, which is scheduled to open on 5th September, will run at the same time as the Motorola press event, in addition rumour has it, Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop, won’t even be there. Mr. Elop is rumoured to be at a joint Nokia/Microsoft press event in New York the same day.

So on the 5th September expect to see announcements for Nokia Windows 8 devices, and Motorola Android devices, and possibly something from both Nokia & Microsoft. As to what time the two US based events will take place, we haven’t been made privy too.


Anything Else?

Also occurring in September, on the 12th, is the Apple announcement of the new iPhone (unconfirmed, but lets face it, it’s going to happen) iOS 6 and potentially, the iPad mini, although that last is purely speculation at this point.

So enjoy September, there will be announcements left right and centre, and if you’re thinking of upgrading anytime soon, you might want to wait a few weeks first.


Source: Engadget


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