Microsoft Surface RT $300 Less Than Pro Version

Credit: Microsoft

The question that everyone is waiting for regarding Surface: Price. Yet to be answered there have been several speculations ranging from $899 all the way down to $199. We have spec’s, we have release dates, we even know some of the differences between the RT and Pro version, but so far Microsoft and their OEM partners have kept quiet on the price, but that may now have changed.

In an interview with Bloomburg, David Schmoock the senior Vice President of Lenovo North America, stated that the Windows Pro versions of Surface would go on sale at $600 – $700, and that the RT versions will be around $200 – $300 dollars less, lending credence to earlier rumours that Surface RT will go on sale for $199.

Of course no specific prices have been quoted but in the interview the VP did state that “RT will play in consumer and retail at very aggressive price points”

Could the Surface really be priced as low as $199? It’s certainly one way of introducing a new product at a hugely competitive price.


Source: Bloomburg




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