HP Create ‘Gram’ From Palm OS

Credit: allthingsd.com

In 2010 HP acquired Palm, the makers of Palm OS a well-loved, and very capable mobile operating system. And from then on, pretty much nothing.

Thoughts first turned to HP perhaps dabbling in the mobile phone game, putting their cheque books behind the small but inspired Palm, but alas, HP bought them and that was pretty much that, nothing really became of it. $1.2 billion spent on the purchase, and really, up until now, for very little benefit.


So, What Now?

Out of nowhere HP CEO Meg Whitman seems to think that Palm OS is still a viable system and announced that it’s going open source.

The company to be responsible for Gram has been formed as a subsidiary to HP and will house the open source team.

A statement on an internal memo said that the idea is to; “No longer be a consumer hardware brand, we are a different company with focus on software, user experience, cloud engineering and partnering”

It’s interesting to see what will happen to Gram, Palm as a company had some fantastic innovation that many current mobile OS’s have been clearly influenced by (we’re looking at you Windows Phone multitasking) lets just hope that HP have finally found a good use for them.


Source: AllThingsD


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