Samsung Galaxy SIII Jelly Bean Update: 29th August?

Credit: Samsung

An anonymous source reports that the Samsung Galaxy SIII could get Google’s Jelly Bean update as soon as August 2012.

The source reportedly got this information from a Samsung press conference, which also stated the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 would also be getting updated to Jelly Bean on the same day.

If the rumour is true, Jelly Bean has bought forward from what was originally thought to have been a late September, even early October release.


Anyone Else?

Whilst the conference seems to have ‘confirmed’ that the S3 and Note 2 will get the upgrade there was no news as to whether any other devices will receive the 4.1 update. Previous rumours have stated that the Galaxy Note 1 and Galaxy SII may get updated to Jelly Bean, although no official statement has been given to this effect.

Samsung have even gone so far as to release a statement  stating “We have not made any announcements about Jelly Bean upgrades to existing products” which was issued by a Teri Daley, a Samsung Spokeswoman.

Ms Daley went on to explain that the carriers usually control the updates in order to test their own modifications first.

So there you have it folks, fingers crossed there will be an upgrade for the SII & SIII in addition to the Note 1 & 2, although without carrier modifications and bloatware if you please.



Source: Techradar


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