New Video Standard to Half Video Download Times: HEVC

Credit: Dell Labs

Fed up with your streaming or video downloads taking sooooo long? Well rejoice! Slated for 2013 is a new video codec called HEVC which is short for ‘High Efficiency Video Coding’ which is alleged to cut download times by half depending on the device it is installed on.


What Does This Mean?

It means that should be you downloading music from iTunes, or Zune that it will be much faster, if you’re downloading movies or footage from Dropbox or Google Drive then it will potentially take half the time it currently does. It does require that you have the correct processors which will hopefully start showing up in all manner of devices such as phones, TV’s, Computers, hey even that TV you have embedded in your fridge.


When’s It Coming Really?

Alright, so it may take a while for TV’s to adopt it and for you to get one. Most people having purchased a new flat screen TV hang on to it for quite some time, unless they need a new one due to breakage, or a completely new standard comes in like CRT to flat screen or digital from analogue. Other mediums will likely be much faster to adopt it however, think mobile phones, tablets, even MP3 players with wireless capability. Being able to access your media on the move would be far simpler, faster and smoother.

A new faster codec sounds boring on the face of it, but the possibilities for accessing desired media could be really quite far-reaching. We just hope it really does come in 2013, the sooner, the better.


Source: Gizmodo


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