Microsoft Gives Skydrive a Facelift

Skydrive, Microsoft’s answer to iCloud, Dropbox and various other online storage mediums such as Google Drive has been given a new look.

Having recently reworked the look of Outlook, Office, and other online services, it’s now Skydrive’s turn to get a new look in preparation for the launch of Windows 8. Perhaps the new sleeker look will encourage people to move from Google Drive or Dropbox as Skydrive works very well with Hotmail, and many existing Hotmail clients (or Outlook as the recent rebranding rolls ahead) don’t even know it exists.


Mobile Skydrive

Microsoft has made Skydrive available for Windows Phone 7 (of course) and for iOS devices, both are very smooth and responsive, although only when connected to a Wi-Fi or data network can you view items stored there rather than locally.

Android users, don’t panic. There is a mobile app on the way for you too, as to whether or not its any good we couldn’t say, but if its like the previously mentioned WP7 & iOS versions it’ll be a pleasure to use.


Skydrive, Better, Faster

Along with the facelift, Microsoft have been tweaking things under the hood too, improving the speed and time it takes to upload photo’s and documents, and how quickly your computer will sync with Skydrive, reportedly 4x times faster than the prior version.


Windows 8

With the upcoming release of Windows 8 Microsoft are obviously taking their current products and services more seriously than ever before and updating them so that they will look and feel seamlessly like part of the Windows experience. It’s a very bold move by Microsoft and it could go either way with the public, but you have to hand it to them, they really are committed to making Windows 8 work and that’s to be commended, lets just hope that it DOES work.


Source: Techradar


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