Internal Nokia Document Outlines Windows Phone 7.8 Features

Credit: Nokia


When Windows 8 Phone’s launch this October, those of us with Windows 7 & 7.5 phones will be left out in the cold to most of the goodies that will come with the new OS. Due to hardware limitations, those of us with 7 & 7.5 will not be able to upgrade but do not despair.

Current Windows Phones users will get to upgrade to Windows 7.8 which will give some of the software goodies that Windows Phone 8 will come with, and a document at Nokia would appear to have listed them.


Update: The document is now available online. See source below.


As the document originates at Nokia, we can assume that most of the features are likely to be specific to Nokia devices, it also states that the Nokia Lumia 900 will have some of these features already and that 7.8 will mainly benefit the older Windows Phones such as the 710 or 800. We would imagine however, that as Microsoft are fairly strict about all Windows Phones having a similar experience its a safe bet that most of the features will come to other manufacturers too.


Shiney Things

So what will come with Windows 7.8?

For starters the tiles on the home screen will have 3 sizes instead of 2: tiny, standard and large, all of course you can still place where ever you like, but effectively you can almost quadruple the number of tiles on one screen…if your eyesight’s that good.

The document also states that there will be improved camera functions featuring self timer, smart group shot, panorama and action.

Wait there’s more! Wi-Fi tethering so you can share your internet connection with other devices, although this may be at the carriers discretion. Most European handsets already have this feature so this is more likely aimed at the American consumer, where AT&T and Verizon aren’t so giving as European carriers.

Lastly, flipping your phone to silence incoming calls, message or alarms will also be added so expect this to be a fairly sizable update when it rolls out.


So when can this be expected?

Current speculation puts Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 & Microsoft Surface at an October 26th release. Whether or not this will be staggered over the course of a few days is not yet known, but you can bet that Microsoft are going to make all of their products as accessible as possible as soon as they are available.


Source: Nokia


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