Microsoft Pop-Up Stores, coming this Winter


2012 is a pretty big year for Microsoft. With the launch/upgrade of Windows Phone 7 to that of Windows Phone 8 (or 7.8), the new Windows 8 desktop OS, and the announcement of Microsoft Surface, this year will see some serious activity from the software giant.

With so many releases at once, Microsoft seemed to have eschewed their conventional methods of sales through third-party stores and are going to be selling primarily through the Microsoft website, and face to face.

When the Microsoft Surface was announced it was also stated that you will only be able to purchase it via the website or from an official Microsoft store. Living in the UK we here at TechTurtleUK have never seen a Microsoft store, so we are certainly intrigued. It would also appear that Microsoft don’t really have a large number of these store’s either (just 24 at last count, all in the USA), so to push their products even further, Microsoft have confirmed that they will be opening a series of pop-up stores in order to provide a better customer experience.

So far the following locations have been confirmed to have a Microsoft pop up store, as to the exact location, that has yet to be disclosed so keep an eye out.

  • Braintree, Mass
  • Chicago (downtown)
  • Cleveland, Ohio,
  • Manhattan, N.Y.
  • Miami, FLA
  • Natick, Mass
  • Portland, Ore
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • San Francisco
  • St. Louis, Mo
  • Vancouver, B.C.

Source: CNet – All about Microsoft


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