Mars Rover ‘Curiosity’ gets ‘Over the Air’ Update…. Just like your phone.


Following NASA and Curiosity’s successful landing on Mars, Curiosity now needs an operating system update.

Software that was installed originally here on earth was to operate and co-ordinate the landing phase of the process. The new OS update will replace this software with programs more suitable to explore Mars, operate the mechanical arm and navigate around oncoming objects.

So when your waiting for an OS update (ICS, iOS 6 etc…) then remember, what you’re getting over your normal phone network, is something that NASA are doing too, only in space.

The new software will be transmitted from Earth and relayed to Curiosity via the Mars Deep Space Communication Complex ‘Canberra’.

It really is an incredible feat of engineering, and to think we get impatient with mobile phone carriers for being tardy with their updates due to, ‘technical issues’.

You can follow Curiosity’s progress via its own personal Twitter account where your kept up to date by Curiosity itself (sort of) or via Facebook.

We just hope NASA have a good roaming data package!

Source: NASA


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