HTC Confirm Windows 8 Phones

It is rumoured that HTC will announce 3 new Windows 8 handsets on September 3rd.

September seems to be the announcement month for every one at the moment, including Nokia (05/09/12) and Apple (12/09/12), and Microsoft will undoubtedly provide more information on their products at IFA which runs from 30/08/12 – 03/09/12.

The 3 phones are alleged to be called  the ‘Rio’, ‘Accord’ and ‘Zenith’, although it is unknown if these are just code names or the actual release names for the handsets.


The Rio is to be the bottom ‘budget’ model of the 3 phones with a 5MP camera, 512MB RAM, a single core Snapdragon processor, 720P video recording and a 4-inch WVGA (800×480) display. As the lowest model in expect it to be the cheaper of the three, it does however still have a larger screen than that of Nokia’s current budget Windows device, the Lumia 800.


The second phone in the threesome will feature an 8MP camera, 1GB of RAM, an NFC chip, full HD recording, a dual core Snapdragon processor and a 4.3 inch Super LCD2 display with 720P HD resolution. These spec’s put the Accord above the current Nokia flag device the Lumia 900, and it would be fairly safe to say that Nokia will announce something of similar spec at Nokia world in September.


This will be the highest spec device that HTC have made for Windows Phone and will no doubt reflect that in price which as also yet to be confirmed.

The Zenith will have the same spec as the Accord but will also feature a Quad Core processor, and a 4.7 inch screen that will have a 300ppi retina quality display.

HTC have certainly done well with their current ONE series on Android which also feature Quad Cores and a very smooth design, but how will the battery life be in a Windows Device, and will it be more demanding than Android as an OS?


Both the Rio and the Accord are rumoured to be available from October 2012 with the Zenith shipping later in the year.

The last HTC phone that was, somewhat unappreciated in the wake of the iPhone and the Nokia devices, was the gargantuan HTC TITAN. A Windows 7 phone that toted a massive 4.7 inch screen. unfortunately it received little fanfare as it was oft perceived to be too large, perhaps in the wake of the Samsung Galaxy Note size won’t be something that matters.

Credit: HTC

Source: Techradar


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