Games Developers – We Don’t Like Windows 8



It would appear that more and more developers are becoming unhappy about the idea of developing games for Windows 8.

Gabe Newell, Valve Co-Founder previously said that it could be “kind of a catastrophe”, Brad Wardel of Stardock agreed with the Valve founders opinion stating that his comment were “totally right”

Closed Eco-System

The primary issue seems to be the fact that gaming on Windows 8 will be a closed platform. Because Windows 8 will come with an app directly for games, there is growing concern that it will only be accessible via the Microsoft Store and not anywhere else.

For games to be published and appear in the Windows Store Microsoft require certification which many developers aren’t happy with.

Chris Delay from Introversion says “That just fills me with dread because I’ve been on the receiving end of Microsoft’s certification process for Darwinia+ (Xbox Live)”.

“Nothing scares me more than the thought that one day, all Windows apps may have to be certified by Microsoft before they can be released and installed on users computers.”

Popular census seems to point to a poor experience for developers, which will not help Microsoft’s sales of Windows 8, but certainly not the new Surface when it comes to release.

Rules & Regs

Microsoft have in the past often changed their rules and regulations, some times making it more difficult for developers and on occasion, easier. In this case however having such a closed platform could potentially drive developers away.

If all software that runs on Windows 8 has to have a Microsoft certificate then a very large portion of the PC world will turn its back on it.

Gone will be the freeware people make because they want to. Gone will be software that you likely enjoy now, not even knowing where it came from, only that the certificate says ‘Unknown’

We’re pretty excited about Windows RT for Surface, but we’re un-decided about it as a desktop OS, if this goes ahead then we will likely be sticking with Windows 7 for some time to come.

Source: Techradar


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