iOS 6 – What’s What?

Well it’s almost time, iOS 6 will be here and on your device’s sometime…. ‘This Fall’, but what will it bring, well here at TechTurtleUK we’re going to tell you!


New Safari App

Offline reading ala’ instapaper (bye-bye instapaper) photo sharing to make uploading more convenient, and iCloud tab syncing. What’s not so great? Banner App’s. Apple have given us something called smart app banners which allows websites to inform you of their iOS applications….oh good.



A new e-tickets app that enables you to carry your online tickets in your pocket….a bit like normal tickets, but electronically. The app will include plane, train and even sports tickets AND they update, so a notification will be sent to you when your departure gate is changed or just simply, announced. Passbook will also include store loyalty cards, so if you’re a Starbucks fan, you can use the electronic version of their card!


It’s a Phone too…. a better phone!

Apple has revised the phone itself, there’s a new do not disturb mode which, when new messages arrive the phone will alert you silently by not lighting up. You can also set your phone to silent excluding your favourite contacts, they will still get through.

What’s really really nifty, is that when a call comes through and your busy you can send a message saying so and that you will call them back but the best part, is that you can be reminded to call that person or anyone you set it to when you leave your location. Yup, when you leave the office you can be reminded to call someone.


Facetime over 3G

Finally, video calling over 3G. Apple have been the slowest manufacturer to actually adopt this. I was using video calling years ago on a very old  ‘3’ (UK network) unit. Let’s forget the fact that several other phone manufacturer’s have had this feature for several years. The difference is that it will actually be cheaper than calls, so mobile operators won’t be too pleased, unless you use it abroad…..then you will make them feel like Scrooge McDuck, diving into his huge pool of money.


Siri, meet the iPad (3)

If you have a new 3rd Generation iPad then say hello to your new assistant! That’s right Siri along with all her (or his depending on your country) will be ready to take your dictations, call people at your beck and call and be your digital dogs body… just make sure you treat her right!

In addition to being your assistant, you will also be able to ask Siri about sports trivia, cinema times, and even booking restaurants. Currently these features are only confirmed for the U.S. so fingers crossed the same features will roll out across the world soon.


V.I.P Mail

If you have people who you always want to be in contact with then fear not, you can now create a list of VIP contact’s whose message’s will appear on your devices lock screen, AND in a separate dedicated inbox.


New Maps

Apple’s new mapping system will break its cover for the first time on iOS 6. It’s very good-looking and will have turn by turn satellite navigation, can be controlled by Siri and have traffic information as well. As far as we know there will only really be support for Major cities, so any rural areas might not benefit quite yet.

Works for Kids too.

Apple’s new guided access feature will allow you to disable certain sections of your screen so if your sat with the little ones and they want to enjoy the iPad they can do, but without pressing the wrong button’s and purchasing hundreds of pounds/dollars of in app purchases.


Password no longer required for free app’s

This is a nice addition, fed up with having to give your password every time you download an app, even if it’s free? Well with iOS you won’t need too. That’s right, iOS 6 will no longer request password’s for free apps.


So that’s just some of the features that iOS 6 will bring to your Apple device’s or at least, some of them. Below is a list of Apple device’s that iOS 6 is compatible with so this fall, keep an eye for your update!


  • iPod Touch ‘4th Generation’
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPad 2
  • iPad ‘3rd Generation’



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