“Windows 8 is kind of a Catastrophe” – Valve CEO

Gabe Newell, CEO of Valve, part of the team that created Left for Dead, and the Managing Director of online distribution company Valve Corporation commented whilst at the Casual Connect conference that ‘Windows 8 will be a catastrophe’ .

The Valve CEO having been a Microsoft employee for 13 years himself and becoming a ‘Microsoft Millionaire’ believes that Windows 8 will drive developers and manufacturers away from Window’s and has announced plans to make the Valve catalog available on Linux.

Window’s 8 will come with its own App and Game store, that will of course be controlled by Microsoft. This could be seen as a direct competitor to the Steam network, which it really will be, although how much so is another question. Both are, and will be market places for consumers to purchase and download content, in this case primarily games. Window’s 8 will have the advantage of already having the App store pre-installed, and if consumers don’t know about Steam then they will be unlikely to download or search for an alternative when Microsoft has so kindly provided one already.

So Steam are going to be spending a lot of time developing compatibility for Linux OS because “it’s a good idea to have alternatives to hedge against that eventuality”. Mr Newell certainly seems concerned that the eventuality will be that Windows 8 will push OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) away.

We will just wait and see, but the expansion of Steam can never really be a bad thing, the more the merrier right!


Source: Venturebeat


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