Microsoft Surface – Swedes Let Slip Price?

A Swedish online retailer has posted the Microsoft Surface and its pricing on their site. Microsoft haven’t officially announced the pricing for their new tablet yet, so one wonder’s where the Swede’s got their price?

The site Webhallen has the Surface priced at around £650/$1000 for the 32GB RT model and rises to a very pricey £1’389/$2’100.

If these prices are correct, then Microsoft will be pretty much pricing themselves out of the market. For a tablet that is designed to pretty much compete with the iPad, Microsoft need to be VERY competitive when it comes to pricing. The iPad being the preferred tablet for the world over, is in no danger of being outed as the most popular tablet, and pricing like this will not help Microsoft shift their new toy.

The site and its prices are still up at time of writing, it will be interesting to see how long, they stay on there, or if Microsoft will give any statements on pricing, now sooner rather than later.


Source: TechRadar


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