iPhone 5 Rumour Roundup

As Q4 draws nearer so does the certainty that an iPhone 5 will be released, but what will it bring, and will it look or be much different to what we’re used to? Read on for a round-up of rumours from around the internet….

The Name

Apple seemed to be quite happy putting numbers after names, or calling them 2nd or 3rd ‘generation’ until the new iPad was released which was then called simply ‘iPad’. Does this mean that Apple are doing away with numbers and the iPhone 5 will be called simply iPhone? Hopefully not as people invariably ask what iPhone/iPad your rocking, and you want to tell them the one you have, not simply iPad.

Evidence however suggests that Apple will go with the iPhone 5 moniker as Apple have filed a complaint over the ownership of iPhone5.com, but then this might be to protect the domain and their product.

The Design

As usual there have been many photo’s springing up all over the internet and some of them look simply incredible, albeit unlikely and certainly not in keeping with Apples style, however there seems to be one image that keeps coming back, and looks more like a modern smart phone of today, not to say that Apple’s phone’s aren’t modern, but the screen size and the form factor are starting to look….dated.

The new picture that keeps popping up has an entirely new casing, bigger speaker grill, two-tone brushed aluminium back and a four-inch screen.

KitGuru seemed to be able to nab a comparison shot alongside an iPhone 4s

Release Date

Apple have a fairly predictable and standard pattern that you oft seem to be able to set your watch by. For example, last year when Lion OS was announced it was the day after Apple’s quarterly fiscal report, this year was no different. Apple’s earnings for the quarter was made available on 24th July and the next day the new Mountain Lion OS was released, so it’s safe to say that Apple like to keep something’s traditional.

So what about the iPhone? At WWDC Apple provided a lot of information surrounding iOS 6 but there were no hardware announcement’s relating to that of the new mystery iPhone. If Apple do stay in line with their usual release schedule then it’s likely that we will see an iPhone 5 around October…we hope.


Alright, down to the nitty-gritty, what do we know?

We know that Apple is a licensee of ARM chips so it’s likely that we will see a Dual Core if not Quad Core processor from them. Its possible that Apple have developed a successor to the A5 chip, perhaps the A6, but that’s not an absolute, the new iPad only had a tweaked/modded version of the A5 so whilst its possible, it’s really not guaranteed.

With regards to 4G/LTE, it’s almost a certainty that the iPhone 5 will include this functionality, the new iPad does, so it would be utter insanity to not include it on the new version of the iPhone. Several competing handsets in the US now run 4G/LTE and whilst they may be somewhat heavy on the battery, this is something that Apple usually excel at.

The Connector

Seeing as this seems to be everyone’s concern, or bugbear if you will, the connector gets its own little section.

If you own an iPhone, in fact even if you don’t, you will be more than aware of the amount of third-party accessories that are around for the iPhone. There are countless companies that spew forth docking stations, alarm clocks, stands, speakers, cables, the iPhone basically has more accessories available than Barbie.

So would Apple change the connector?

Yes, yes they would. If it meant cramming in a better battery, a superior antenna (antennagate we’re looking at you) SD card support (yeah right) or improved NFC support, then Apple would most certainly change the current 30 pin connector to what is rumoured to be a 19 pin one.

But would they change it just to accommodate design. That’s slightly trickier to answer, but I would say yes again. Steve Job’s was all about design, form factor and he was damned good at it, so even though he is gone, it’s the Apple way of doing things. Take the new MacBook Pro retina, Apple had to pull the device from the EPEAT agreement because the insides are primarily held together using glue.

Will Apple make an adaptor so that people with 30 pin docks or hands free kits can still use their new iPhone? Questionable. They certainly wouldn’t have too. Apple have sold so many iPhone’s that they could easily change the connector and not worry, because third-party companies WILL make an adaptor. It might not be official, it might not be as sleek as one that Apple would make, but it means people can continue using their current hardware accessories and still be part of the Apple eco-system.

The Screen

Hopefully this should be a pretty sure bet. More and more Apple devices are getting better, richer, and more vibrant screens, culminating of course in the MacBook Pro Retina, so the quality isn’t in doubt, as to whether we will see a Retina display iPhone….its more likely to be on the iPhone 5s.

Rumours have been abundant over the size of the screen and the favourite still seems to be 4 or 4-6 inches. Sources also suggest that Sony have been involved in the making of the screens rather than Samsung, perhaps after all the patent disputes Apple no longer want anything to do with Samsung, it would certainly make sense.

As usual Apple have shrouded themselves in mystery and have certainly done a better job of keeping this new iteration of the iPhone under wraps than the iPhone 4 which was leaked everywhere.

It will certainly be interesting to see what Apple comes up with time around, and you can bet that the antenna will be flawless this time!


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